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Red Lodge, MT
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6-21-09        June has been a month to remember.   
With lift access skiing any and every day life has
been great.  I biked the line creek plateau after a
great day of skiing.  One more week of fun, then
off to MI for the 4th of July for a family reunion.  

4-26-09        More snow, this has been the best
April skiing ever!!  The forecast calls for a great
ending to this month.  

4-8-09        WOW!  Red Lodge had one of the best weeks ever!
 There was about 80" in one week and the face shots were out
of control!!!!  Great times.  Here is a link to some
photos from
Red Lodge by Jasper Anderson... enjoy!

3-21-09        The winter is rolling by, but not without some
great skiing, with more to come.

2-25-09        Went fishing with Justin Hash and Rooski.  I
landed four fish!  Packing for a quick trip to Utah!

2-23-09        Went fishing today and landed a nice 14" brown!

2-21-09        Winter Carnival!  The skiing was still really good.  
Had a great 2nd to last run of the day down upper Lobo, then
had too much fun down the torchlite parade.  I some how
ended up burning my hair through an open vent in my helmet.
 Oh well had a ton of fun!...  maybe too much.....

2-20-09        Red Lodge got 7".  Snow here in February is
always welcome.  I pretty much just schralped the Headwaters.  
Also a sad day today with the skiing death of local legend Rob
Hart.  No one saw the accident, but it appeared he hit a tree
while skiing Big Silver.  RIP

2-18-09        Skied about 14 Henderson Ridge runs and the
snow was deep, great skiing with several fun cliff jumps too.

2-17-09        Skied Rob's Nob about 8 times great snow.

2-16-09        Packing for a couple of days up in Cooke City!  

2-15-09        Sorry for the delayed updating.  What a great
2009, skiing in Red Lodge was great early season.  Went on a
trip with Griffin and Drew up to my Uncles cabin in the
Sawtooths of Idaho.  Then made it back home to Red Lodge,
and went straight to Livingston to meet up with Zila.  He and
I were up in Cooke City for about 5 days.  Not much skiing,
mainly snowmobiling.  Then went down to Utah for a great
cycle at Alta!  A quick trip to SIA in Vegas.. went to a Snoop
Dogg show and came out of NV with an extra $300 thanks to
the Blackjack tables.  Then back to Utah for another week
hanging out at my brother's pad.  Then a bunch of people
made it up to Big Sky to volunteer some time to the Big Sky
Youth Empowerment Program.  Lots of fun!
In memory of Neal Valiton
(Nyon, Switzerland) 1989-2007
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