I first met
Neal Valiton last year in Switzerland.  I was there,
on my first winter European vacation, competing on the
IFSA's Freeskiing Skiing World Tour.  Luckily I got to
compete with Neal at Snowbird and Kirkwood this season.  I
did not make it to the finals in France, where Neal had a fatal
crash in his superfinal run (10th place).  Neal was a skier,
who died in an environment he loved to spend time in,
sometimes it was the snow, the location, the people we were
with, etc.

Every day we are alive, with the possibility of not surviving
the next moment.  That is why we should enjoy our time as
best as we think possible.... That is why we ski.   Skiing is a
prehistoric habit that I am thankful to have been introduced,
thanks Mom and Dad!  You too Grandma's and Grandpa's!

Life is everywhere, and when I say that I mean
EVERYWHERE.  But you are only given a small piece of
time to enjoy it.  I would like to die of old age or doing
something I loved like Neal.  

A fellow competitor and friend
Jason Dobbs, said it for us all
in a letter to the IFSA.  Thanks

IFSA has set up a scholarship fund in his memory, see
you on the endless pow run Neal.