Europe watch out, here I come!!!

3-12-06  I got some of the best skiing ever in Chamonix.  Two days of great skiing, including one day with 2 runs up Le Aguille de Midi.  Enjoy
the photos of the experience.

3-8-06  I decided to stay and extra week, because the snow is so good.  After being stuck in Chamonix for a couple of days……. So I’m back in
Verbier, the snow here has been great.  I skied Bruson for the past two days, great tree skiing and pillow lines!  I will head for Chamonix this
weekend.  Snow for the next 3 days!!!!  I’ve had a great time with all of the great cuisine.  

3-4-06  Made it to Chamonix late last night.  Raining very hard.  Snow level up to 1600m.  Might ski here or head back to Verbier.  The French
people really are rude (most of them) a couple of cool people.  The storm should be done soon, so I might get a couple of really good days in.  
Les Arcs was a neat ski area, more French than Verbier and Cham.  The ski area was like A-Basin times 100.  Skied a run we called the
chicken run, because of the black grouse in the area.  2000m of pow!!!!!!   Cheers  JjM

2-25-06  Torin, IT  This is a really big city.  Upon arrival we got a little lost, eventually found our way to city center and met up with friends.  It
rained here yesterday and today, not the best time for exploring.  The city is neat and so is all the people.  I have added about 12 words of
Italian to my vocab.  Enjoy the pics.  Had a fabulous dinner last night, (gnocchii sp?)

Skiing here has been a real experience.  Stormy upon arrival, great tree skiing the first day!   Was lucky to get some runs with locals, who
showed me some of the best runs of my life.  I crashed on the first day, and watched the finals today.  I did see some great skiing.  Craig
Garibiel was 5th for the U.S.A. and Laura Ogden won for the girls!

I've had some great food, and have been having my fun with the bars and clubs too.  My French is still bad, getting some words down though.  
I'm off to the Olympics today, more later.    (2-23-06)
Chamonix, FR
Top of
Cosmic Chute
Top of Exit
Fields of
Midi from
Bottom of
Exit Chute
Bottom of
Cosmic Chute
Joey Smallwood,
Bruson, CH
View from
Bruson, big
Cory Zila,
Bruson, CH
The Bruson
View of Verbier
from Bruson
Lots of snow and rain, stayed at
this place in Argentiere.
Chamonix, FR
Les Arcs, FR
Mont Blanc
Bourge St.
View from the
top of Aiguille
Venue for
Les Arcs, on
Flat up on
the right
center of
Neat lights
near the
medal plaza
Cool lights
Verbier, CH
Day 1 Venue
Day 2 Venue
Laura Ogden 1st place!
Some favorite pics from the trip.